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Literary Agents

Artists and Artisans Inc**Click for Website

Adler & Robin Books Inc**Click for Website

The Authors' Clearinghouse Literary Agency **Click for Website

Bryson Agency Australia (AU)**Click for Website

Core Creations**Click for Website

Elizabeth Puttick Agency (UK)**Click for Website

About Words Agency**Click for Website

Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency**Click for Website

Karen Nazor Literary Agency**Click for Website

Frontmatter Agency**Click for Website

Lennie Literary Agency **Click for Website

Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency**Click for Website

A Plus B Works **Click for Website

Ebeling & Hays **Click for Website

The Stuart Agency **Click for Website

The Aaland Agency**Click for Website

AP Watt Ltd (UK)**Click for Website

David Vigliano Literary Agency **Click for Website

Barbara Bova Literary Agency**Click for Website

Michael Meller Literary Agency GmbH (GR)**Click for Website

BigScore Literary Agents**Click for Website

McCabe Justice**Click for Website

Literary Productions**Click for Website

Carol Susan Roth Literary **Click for Website

Redwood Agency**Click for Website

Ralph M. Vicinanza Ltd **Click for Website

The Creative Media Agency **Click for Website

Linda Roghaar Literary Agency**Click for Website

Metropol Literary **Click for Website

Alessandra Canessa, Literary Agent in Perú **Click for Website

Crichton & Associates**Click for Website

Bloominghouse Literary**Click for Website

First Books**Click for Website

Transatlantic Literary Agency (CA)**Click for Website

The Bukowski Agency (UK)**Click for Website

Cornerstone Literary Agency**Click for Website

David Higham Associates Ltd (UK)**Click for Website

Writers House**Click for Website

The Doe Coover Agency **Click for Website

The Bookworks**Click for Website

Pearson Morris & Belt Agency**Click for Website

Duran Kim Agency**Click for Website

Bookends LLC**Click for Website

Laura Dail Literary Agency, Inc **Click for Website

Talcott Notch Literary Services**Click for Website

E. J. McCarthy Agency**Click for Website

Ellen Levine Agency**Click for Website

Elyse Cheney Literary Associates **Click for Website

Marjacq Micro (UK)**Click for Website

The Marsh Agency (UK)**Click for Website

Rupert Heath Agency (UK)**Click for Website

Tennyson Agency (UK)**Click for Website

Lowenstein-Yost Assoc**Click for Website

The Evan Marshall Agency**Click for Website

Rights Unlimited**Click for Website

Fann Literary and Art Agent**Click for Website

Farris Literary Agency**Click for Website

Frances Goldin Literary Agency **Click for Website

Golvan Arts Management**Click for Website

Helen Heller Agency (CA)**Click for Website

Artists Literary Group **Click for Website

The Leo Film & Books Agency**Click for Website

Donald Maass Literary Agency**Click for Website

The Philip Lief Group**Click for Website

Reece Halsey North**Click for Website

Williams & Connolly LLP **Click for Website

Lips Unsealed Literary Agency **Click for Website

The Free Agency**Click for Website

Sternig & Byrne Agency**Click for Website

Rebecca & Rebecca Literary Agency **Click for Website

Baskow Agency**Click for Website

Barer Literary **Click for Website

The Jeff Herman Agency**Click for Website

Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency **Click for Website

John Hawkins and Associates**Click for Website

Erin Reel Literary Agency **Click for Website

The Epstein Literary Agency **Click for Website

Andrea Brown Literary Agency **Click for Website

Litwest Group literary agency **Click for Website

Lila Karpf Literary Management **Click for Website

Marcus Bryan and Associates**Click for Website

The Creative Culture **Click for Website

Seymour Agency**Click for Website

Regal Literary **Click for Website

International Literary Arts**Click for Website

Paul S. Levine Literary Agency **Click for Website

The Robert E. Shepard Agency**Click for Website

Serendipity Literary Agency**Click for Website

RT Copyright Ltd **Click for Website

Dunow & Carlson Literary Agency **Click for Website

Jane Dystel Literary Management**Click for Website

Trident Media Group**Click for Website

DHS Literary, Inc**Click for Website

Rothschild Literary Agency**Click for Website

Susan Golomb Literary Agency **Click for Website

TriadaUS Literary Agency **Click for Website

The Wendy Weil Agency**Click for Website

Company: Australian Literary Management
Address: 2-A Booth Street
          Balmain NSW 2041
Phone:   02 9818 6557
Fax:     02 9818 8569
Genres:  Literary, adult, children

Company: Bruce Kennedy Management
Address: PO Box 2427
          Orange NSW 2041
Phone:   02 6365 3166
Fax:     02 6361 9986
Genres:  Adult non-fiction including: Biographies, Sport, Business, Politics, True Crime, Lifestyle and Self Help
Company: Bryson Agency Australia
Address: PO Box 226
          Flinders Lane
          Vic 8009
Phone:   03 9620 9100
Fax:     03 9621 2788
Genres:  Literary, adult, children
Company: Calidris Publishing Services
Address: PO Box 1014
          Goulburn NSW 2580
Phone:   02 4848 1259
Genres:  Fiction, Non-Fiction and Adult books
Company: Christine Nagel Literary Services
Address: 7 Harung Street
          Mundaring WA 60730
Phone:   08 9295 3364
Fax:     08 9295 3364
Genres:  Literary, adult, children
Company: Curtis Brown (Aust) Pty Ltd
Address: PO Box 19
          Paddington NSW 2021
Phone:   02 9331 5301
Fax:     02 9360 3926
Genres:  Literary, adult, children

Company: Detrusa Promotions Literary Agent

Address: 44 George Street

          Fitzroy Vic 3065

Phone:   03 9416 1778

Fax:     03 9416 1778


Genres: Most Genres excluding children's, science,  fiction, politics and poetry


Company: Diversity Management

Address: PO Box 1449

          Darlinghurst NSW 1300

Phone: 02 9130 4305

Fax:   02 9365 1426


Genres: Adult mainstream non-fiction, true crime, biographies and auto biographies, cookery,

health, media, popular culture, lifestyle, film, tv and radio.

DOES NOT REPRESENT: Crime, romance, poetry, children's, short stories, plays or

text books. They also sell TV and Film rights and have agents in foreign countries.


Company: Golvern Arts Management

Address: PO Box 766

          Kew Vic 3101

Phone: 03 9853 5341

Fax:   03 9853 8555


Genres: Literary, adults, children


Company: JDB Literary Agency

Address: PO Box 21

         California Gully Vic 3556

Phone: 03 5446 2189

Fax: 03 5446 2471


Genres: Fiction, non-fiction, adult


Company: Margaret Connolly & Associates

Address: PO Box 945

          Wahroonga NSW 2076

Phone: 02 9449 6342

Fax:   02 9449 6352


Genres: Literary, adult, children


Company: Margaret Kennedy Agency

Address: 9 Lucinda Street

          Taringa QLD 4068

Phone: 07 3820 9996

Fax:   07 3870 5214


Genres: Literary, adult, children


Company: Minter Ellison

Address: PO Box 781

          Terrigal NSW 2260

Phone: 02 4385 9911

Fax:   02 4385 9922


Genres: Literary, adult, children


Company: Sandy Wagner Creative Agents

Address: 12/44a Bayswater Road

          Kings Cross NSW 2011

Phone: 02 9363 5323

Fax:   02 9328 1303


Genres: Literary, adult, children


Company: The Cameron Creswell Agency

Address: 2 New McLean Street

         Edgecliff NSW 2027

Phone: 02 9382 0600

Fax:   02 9363 3317


Genres: Literary, adult, children


Company: The Mary Cunnane Agency

Address: PO Box 781

          Terrigal NSW 2260

Phone: 02 4385 9911

Fax:   02 4385 9922


Genres: Fiction, non-fiction, adult


Company: The Rick Raftos Management

Address: PO Box 445

          Paddington NSW 2021

Phone: 02 9281 9622

Fax:   02 9212 7100


Genres: Primarily an agency that represents writers and directors for film, television and stage,

They also represent a number of clients for publication across all areas of fiction and



Company: The Tate Gallery

Address: PO Box 459

          Double Bay NSW 1360

Phone: 02 9386 5604

Fax:   02 9386 5605


Genres: Fiction, non-fiction, children's


Company: Tracy Horden Creative Agency

Address: 6/50 Roscoe Street

          Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Phone: 02 9300 0606

Fax:   02 9300 0606


Genres: Literary, adult, children