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The Punk Prophet

Whats this shit all about?

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Who am I? (Who the fuck cares)

The Lowdown on Mwah.

The most important thing to note anout myself  is that i am an Aussie, Born and Bred. I drink to much beer, I swear like a fuckin trooper and and I end most sentences with " No Worries". The second is that i am a 25 year old loser with only a handful of friends, no boyfriend ( yes i'm a chick!!!) and no job. And thirdly i am a "Human Being" not a color or a religion, homo or hetro just a being i respect others in that sense and i expect the same in return!!
I am an artist a writer, hence the fact i am unemployed. But i am No Bum, I am a  volunteer, A vegetarian, a blood doner. a do gooder? not by a long shot, but yes i do care.
Im an Athiest, a Punk, a Rebel and an Activist. I mean no harm but will fight for what is right.
These pages are my words, my life. Enjoy them or Detest them at your own leisure. It is made purely as a self indulgent venture.
"Your best firends are the ones who stab you in the front"  - Oscar Wilde



80's music, Punk Rock, rockabilly The ramones, social distortion, lagwagon, SNFU, face to face, simple plan, goldfinger, save ferris, the bosstones, no doubt, secondshot, straycats, frenzal rhomb, cindi lauper, True sounds of liberty, NOFX, the living end, ben lee, the quintessentials, GC, rancid, the clash, sex pistols, Fugatzi, Bad religion ect ect ect