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On this page I'll describe each member of my family. Here's an example of a format I might use.


Chaos Reigns

Chaos reigns the way we live

full of fears and frustrations

we have nothing left to give

Free, free our minds

Stop, stop being the analysts

Take, taking our trust

Now, now we're the

modern day anarchists

Realization is the key

have we not learnt nothing

from our history

you can beat us

you can bribe us

to to tell us what to say

Think we will lie down and take it

Theres NO WAY

This world

I hate the tsunami's

and that we created armies

brave young men

filled with life

wrapped in a body bag

sent home to wife

Politicians hiding all their truths

behind a happy mans disguise

like sheep we all follow them

believing in the lies

Celebrities needing reinforcement

whilst filling their pockets

from a Pepsi endorsement

saving up their dollars

as they go

crying about world hunger

on the tonight show

Theres a menu of religions

a smorgasboard of gods

its a lucky dip

now pick one out

ill give you half price odds

Visit me

Come visit me pain

with all of your might

come to my wrists

they bleed every night

come visit me death

come out from my dreams

Show me

taste me

feel me

take me



I yield to you with your crooked smile

I yield to you with those amazing eyes

I yield to you when you make me laugh

I Yield to you when you make me cry

I yield to you and your screams of hatred

I yield to you and your words of love

But most of all i yield to the idea,

That i will yield to you forever.

Never again.....

He awaits my attention from

across the room

I must resist

Not again.....

He makes his way toward me

i back away

a cheeky grin and he pulls

out his secret weapon

those eyes

as blue and reckless

as a storm written ocean

all resistance fails

as he leads me away

to the bedroom

an unmade bed

we lay down

as i prepare myself

for the all to familiar

lonely morning

and promise myself

never again........

Frozen Heart

I do not long for summers warmth

for the breathless flings

and starry nights

I hold onto winters breath

and my frozen heart

and the icy cold

that warms me more so

than any summers day.


I want to inspire people

to touch people

Why? How?

i fail to even inspire myself


Last night i borrowed your girlfriends heart

and used it as my own, with no objections

from you

Sadly i have to give it back broken

because of you.


Dear loneliness,

You are my oldest friend

from the day i was born you

have not left my side

you lingered around through

the good times, and hung close

to my side through the bad

and it is only now i have the

strength to say goodbye

so so-long all friend

please don't keep in touch

and let me be free from your


its time to let me be loved


Your eyes are filled with hatred

your frown it shows your shame

you say " fuck you world" "i hate

you" looking for someone to blame

You used to have such fire in your

eyes, Oh when did it go out

now there you stand

your eyes looking more empty

with every passing day

waiting for the world to just swallow

you up

i pray you find your way.

Blue Flames

Your eyes are lit up

like blue flames

your smile just grows

it shows no vain

but buried deep down

inside you heart

there lies a sadness

that burns

and is keeping us apart

i am being so selfish

trying to help you be free

maybe its just wishful thinking

why would you possibly want



Would you hate me mister?

if i invaded your demeanor?

would you hate me mister?

if i crawled inside your heart?

i'm sure i would find it empty

and broken more than once

perhaps you could let me fix it

or at least you could let me try

i know it wont be easy

but its easier that goodbye