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I love music!  And have been writing lyrics for forever, all songs listed here are available for recording so if yourself/band is interested in using any hit me up at

Chaos Reigns

Chaos reigns the way we live

full of fears and frustrations

we have nothing left to give

Free, free our minds

Stop, stop being the analysts

Take, taking our trust

Now, now we're the

modern day anarchists

Realization is the key

have we not learnt nothing

from our history

you can beat us

you can bribe us

to to tell us what to say

Think we will lie down and take it

Theres NO WAY



Punk Rock Kids

walking a lonely street

cigarette in hand

the punk rock boy

his tattoos bare names

of the people he's lost

and the family he's gained

he's had his ups he's had

his downs but he's living

just the same

Puritans you make me sick

punk rock kids

what makes you tick

they call us freaks but i

can honestly say

that the punk rock kids

wont be chased away

Music saved his live

now he's doing all he can

but with his tattoos and

piercings people have him


" he's a criminal" " a bad guy"

so don't get in his way

"he's a fascist punk, the devil"

but do they know he prays

Fuck the cynics

fuck the prejudice

they lay

keep living and forgiving

keep doing it the

punk rock way.



An Army Of Us

We are what you were

the youth of today

Correcting all the problems

y'all left in your wake

Bleeding hearts and racist


parading as freaks nows

our time lest review

An army of us

is there any other way

come join the revolution

lets do it our own way

eliminate the guns, the blades

the fights

lets get back to basics

teach kids wrong from right

no wars will we begin

there will be a happy end

to all the negative concoctions

you all built up in your heads

you had your time

now time is ours we'll

bring truth back to your smiles

so sit back relax and look

forward to a world without




One Bad Pill

I wanna tell you a story

about a guy i knew

he went out with his friends

and he never came home

out with his friends looking

for a good time

but that one bad pill

yeah it took his life

I'm another sibling of

suicide, my brother took his

life but i feel i'm the one who


i begging you please do anything

you can, to make the right

decisions its all in your hands

He should never have walked to

that bridge that night

i should have been there to tell

him evenings alright

he made the jump, but no one

caught his fall

now he's gone

here no more

Mummy Mummy please understand

it wants your fault he was always

your little man

Daddy Daddy all the tears you cry

forever broken hearted for the son

who passed you by

we're forever broken hearted

for you left us no goodbyes.



A different kind of junkie

A lonely bed brings sleepless

nights, full of delayed reactions

so this is my life

A prescription junkie is what

i have become

tried every kind of legal pill

before turning 21

my new best friends the doctor

i visit everyday

take out the pen and paper

and write my fears away

a pill for sleep a pill for aches

does it really matter

open up wide and swallow them down

see how many i can take

A prescription junkie is what

i am, but i'm nit the only one

its a quick fix satisfaction

this is what we have become